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The Coalition for Faith & Media launched in 2023 with three task forces. Each offer opportunities to convene and share ideas, develop and promote long-term strategies and resources for change, and act as advisors and thought leaders on various projects.

Coalition Task Forces focus on:

Generating frequent, more balanced depictions of faith, religion, and belief in news and entertainment—helping people of faith feel represented in mainstream media

Creating space and cultural permission to talk about religion, faith, and spirituality in modern society—sparking a deeper understanding of faith communities and the role that faith plays in civil society

Promoting increased understanding and social cohesion between media and religious institutions—restoring trust and increasing perceived value among their customers and members

Task Force 1 Focus

Relationship Building Between Faith and Media

Facilitating the strong, collaborative relationship between faith, media, and key stakeholders that’s essential for the culture change the Coalition seeks.

Task Force 2 Focus

Accuracy & Frequency of Faith Coverage in Media

Increasing accurate faith-related storytelling in media by leveraging expert, third-party research, workshops, thought leadership, and development of new services and products that support the media’s market needs.

Task Force 3 Focus

Including Faith in Media Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Media companies often lack diverse faith perspectives that align with the make-up of the communities and audiences they serve. Including faith as part of the media industry’s internal DEI efforts has the potential to improve and deepen how faith is depicted in news and entertainment.

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